MY Focus

“My priority is to protect the health and safety of families, strengthen our quality of life and help hard-working people get ahead. First, to achieve economic opportunity, we must continue to make our state an attractive place to live, work and raise a family. Next, to achieve fiscal accountability, we must end wasteful spending and balance the state budget responsibly. Finally, to achieve limited government and defend freedom, we must be vigilant in protecting private property, hard-working taxpayers, homeowners and seniors on fixed incomes. These aren't just campaign slogans. They are guiding principles that will make state government do a better job of prioritizing what is important. These are common sense principles that will continue to guide my decisions as your State Representative." 
Our shared priorities
Protecting your health care

I will fight against a government takeover of healthcare that bans your employer-based heath insurance. You work hard for it and you deserve to keep it, and have peace of mind that your family will have those benefits and coverage.

Investing in students and education

As a mom and former teacher, investing in education is a priority of mine. We continue funding local classrooms at an historic amount, and we remain committed to increasing skilled trades opportunities so our students are prepared for success in a career and in life.

Fixing roads

We are funding road repairs at record high levels and we are doing it without the governor’s crushing 45-cent gas tax increase. We can continue to fix our roads by prioritizing the money already in the state government budget instead of treating taxpayers like an ATM.

Making car insurance affordable
After decades of a rigged system that forced us to pay the highest rates in the country for car insurance, Michigan drivers will now be able to choose the right amount of coverage that’s best for their household budget.